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Free Florida-Friendly Landscaping Evaluations for Neighborhood Associations

Creating a low-impact, Florida-friendly landscape can be fun and rewarding. But, where do you start? Hillsborough County Extension offers free evaluation and guidance for neighborhood associations wanting to build beautiful landscapes that help protect Florida's environment.

On-site landscape evaluations offered to officers or board members of neighborhood associations will cover:

The nine principles to a Florida-Friendly Landscaping

  • An evaluation of existing landscaping
  • Landscaping recommendations
  • Information on Senate Bill 2080, the legislation of Florida-Friendly Landscaping.

Additional elements in the evaluation include:

  • Overall design, selection and placement of plants
  • Pruning practices
  • Problem plants, such as diseased trees and invasive, non-native plants
  • Pest and disease issues; pesticide use on the property
  • Nutritional deficiencies and the application of fertilizers
  • Mulch - type, quantity and application
  • Irrigation (in-ground) sprinkler system operation and time clock settings

This program is available in many counties. For more information, or to schedule an evaluation, contact Maria Carver, at (813) 744-5519, ext. 142, or . Program information is also available at


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